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Week 9: 2nd March 2020

What a brilliant week learning all about books and the importance of reading. We love reading books in Parrot Class and the children are so enthusiastic with bringing books in. Every day I hear "Miss Leach pleeeeeeaaasseeee can you read MY book today?" So we dedicated the whole week to books and STILL I didn't manage to get through all the children's books. Luckily every week in Parrot class is book week so keep bringing them in. 


We focused on the story of Superworm this week by Julia Donladson. The children loved acting out the story outside. Somehow I always managed to be the the Evil Lizard who ends up in the rubbish. Don't know why they picked me for that role!


After being inspired during  Science week we had a different experiment with cotton wool and water. We used two types of water, still and sparkling, and predicted what we thought might happen. We explored mixing the water types and leaving the water overnight. Why not try this at home. All you need is cotton wool balls, tap water and sparkling water and two see through cups. This experiment is great for discussion. 


On Thursday we had lots of book characters joy us in Parrot class. All the children looked wonderful in their costumes and spent the day talking about books and characters. They took part in their first character parade in the hall to show off their outfits. 


On Friday unfortunately our trip to the Fire Station was cancelled at short notice. We will try and rearrange the trip but we are unsure whether this is possible. The children were sad but reassured that we could still have our packed lunch. Teachers around the country sigh at the fact that packed lunches are always the talked about part of a trip but at least my Parrots were happy when we had a picnic in the classroom. Another worry was that all the questions we wanted to ask the Firefighters would go unanswered but fingers cross I might be able to solve that one too. In the afternoon we played parachute games in the hall which was a lot of fun!


I am sorry books were not changed today. Mrs Forty sadly was unwell and I just couldn't find a minute in the day to change them. 


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach