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Week 13: 7th December 2020

I can’t believe that I am writing about our thirteenth week together as Green Class. Where did that time go?! As we’re getting to the end of term, we are all starting to slow down and get tired, especially the children. So, whilst we’re still working on our Phonics and Maths knowledge, we’re taking our time with it all and fitting it around Nativity rehearsals too.


Beany has continued visiting us this week – although he’s been getting a bit forgetful and not always remembered to leave treats each day! He’s obviously feeling that end of term tiredness too… He wrote to us yesterday to let us know that he’s been busy keeping an eye on the cheeky elves in the workshop at the North Pole and even told us that Father Christmas’ favourite game to play is Stuck in the Snow! What a coincidence when we’ve been playing Stuck in the Mud in the playground.


We have been recapping all our taught sounds this week, practising applying them to our reading and writing. We have been learning and practising reading words with two syllables (such as ‘sunset and ‘laptop’) and we looked at adding ‘ing’ on to the end of words (fizzing) too. We have then been using these reading skills to help us with our spelling. We have been practising sounding these words out, breaking them up into each sound to spell out and even trying short sentences/captions, thinking about using finger spaces to make our writing clear for people to read.


We started looking at number 8 on Maths. We watched the Numberblocks episode ‘Eight’ and really enjoyed getting to know Octoblock. We thought about other things that have got 8 in them too, like an octopus and an octogon. Next week will be looking at representing 8 in different ways and the different number bonds to 8.


We also completed our Elf Run this week. Thank you for all your generous donations to the Peace Hospice. On Thursday afternoon, we donned our elf hats and lapped the playground a few times for our sponsored run. The children had a great time (as you can see by the photos!) and wanted to keep running even after we had finished the distance.


Thursday afternoon was a busy one for us, because we also had a road safety talk from a lovely lady called Colette. She talked to us about why we should always wear a seat belt and discussed with the children the importance of always getting in and out of the car on the pavement side. They thought about all the reasons why walking, scooting or cycling to school is so good and helpful as well. She read us a lovely story and the children listened so well, even though we were just watching and talking to a face on a screen!


We’ve also been busy making Christmas cards and decorations for our families so keep an eye out for these coming home in school bags next week!


So next week is the final one, with Tuesday being the big day of filming! We can’t wait for you to be able to see our amazing performance. We know it will make you all feel so proud of your children.


Have a great weekend all – stay safe!


Please note, on Monday we will be collecting your child’s library book in and they will not receive a new one until next term. Please ensure this book is in their bag on Monday. Levelled reading will continue as normal.