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Week 4 - 03/05/21

This week in maths we continued our learning on multiplication. We wrote repeated addition using equal groups and introduced the multiplication sign . We then begun to look at arrays and how these can be used and explored with multiplication. 


In English, we finished writing our Supertato stories which were fantastic! Yellow class thought about what we could include in our writing to make it even better including speech and describing words. We then thought about who our heroes are and why. Yellow class had a lovely discussion about who their heroes are and then wrote some brilliant sentences explaining why. 


Yellow class worked really well in pairs and small groups this week to create a wanted poster for the Evil Pea. We thought about adjectives we could use to describe him and we then created the posters in our groups. Afterwards, each group shared their poster with the class and took it in turns to explain how they had created it. 


In PE this week we have been focusing on playground games and different activities we could play in the playground. In Jigsaw, we thought about what makes a kind friend and who we can ask for for help in different situations. 


Next week:

We are continuing to look at multiplication in maths using arrays and we are starting to look at the book 'Traction Man' in English. We also have an exciting event with Floella Benjamin on Tuesday!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!