Bushey Primary

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Week 10 - 15/03/21

Well done on another fantastic week Yellow Class!


This week in English, we have been practicing writing sentences all about ourselves. We reminded ourselves to say our sentence out loud first, use capital letters, full stops and our sounds. We planned out our writing first, thinking about what we look like, who is in our family, what we like to do and what we want to be when we grow up. The next day we then used these ideas to practice our skills when writing sentences. Yellow Class all did some brilliant writing!


In maths, we have introduced a new resource called Cuisenaire rods. We first explored these by thinking about the numbers that they represent and how we could use these to make other numbers. We practiced partitioning numbers to 20 into the tens and ones and using the Cuisenaire rods to represent the numbers. 


This week in Science, we continued to investigate different materials. Yellow class had a mixture of objects on their tables and had to explore the different materials they were made of. Each group sorted the objects into groups based on their material and we discussed why they thought it was made of that material. 


It was also Red Nose Day today! It was lovely to see everyone wearing red today and completing some Red Nose Day activities. 


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Ward