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Week 3 - 21.09.20

Well done to Orange class who have finished their first full week of school! It has been a very busy but everyone has coped really well. Our class routines are getting quicker each day which means that we have more time enjoy our learning both in the classroom and outside area. It is amazing to see everyone doing so well!


During maths this week we have been focusing on the number ‘1’. We have been discussing why it is such an important number as it is the first number we need when counting. We have been exploring how we can represent this using resources from around our classroom (puzzle pieces, cars, and pens), parts of our body (1 mouth, 1 nose) and different maths resources (dice, playing cards, dominoes and Numicon). It is amazing how many ways we can represent the number 1! We have been using the programme ‘Numberblocks’ to support our learning in maths this term.  Each week there will be an episode that links to our learning focus and the programmes have been written to be both engaging and educational. This week we watched the first episode, just in case you would like to watch it at home with your child it can be found on the CBeebies website.


This week we started our formal Phonics lessons. We have been learning the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘p’.  We practiced saying the sounds first and made sure that we were pronouncing them correctly. We also begun using our special Phonics writing books to practice writing the sounds. Please see the letter in your child's school bag with the information on how you can support this at home. On our class page there is also a ‘Phonics Learning’ page. Each week I will update this and upload the letter and any other new information.


This week we began the topic about ‘Ourselves’ thinking about our appearance and using this to help us create self-portraits with Mrs Dunne. The children had to think about their features and how these can make them special. The children worked really hard on these and they look great!


On Monday we had our first PE lesson! This was a lot of fun and the children enjoyed their time with the coaches, who were very impressed by everyone.


This week the children have been practising putting on their coats and doing them up by themselves. Which has helped make all the children even more independent when going outside.


We have been working on our pencil control this week. We have been using pens and crayons to draw around bottle lids to make a long, wiggly caterpillar. We have also been practicing our turn taking whilst playing snakes and ladders, ensuring that we wait for our turn and are happy even when we don’t always win.


We hope everyone has a lovely weekend and doesn’t get too cold! See you on Monday!