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Week 4: 3rd May 2021

How are we in May already? 


Even though it has been a short week we have managed to fit so much in!


In English we finished our retelling of Supertato - focusing on key words or phrases from the story which we could include in our story to make it EVEN BETTER! We also thought about who our hero is and why. There were some lovely responses (Mrs Bright may have been crying at one point!) and we really focused on handwriting and finger spaces. 


In Maths we have been continuing looking at multiplication. We introduced the sign and talked about what it means. We are encouraging the language of Groups of - for example 3 groups of 2 rather than times or multiply. We have introduced using 'arrays' to help us solve multiplication questions. We will be continuing this next week. 


In Topic we created an Evil Pea wanted poster and had lots of fun using Sharpies and paint to help it stand out. 


In PE and Jigsaw we have been focusing on friendships and games we can play in the playground. We have been thinking about what a friend is and what traits we would like our friends to have. 


Next week

We are beginning to look at Traction Man in English 

We will be continuing multiplication and arrays in Maths


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach